Tadcaster Sports Village

- £5m

SPA Architects were commissioned to carry out Client briefing work and feasibility of a sports based masterplan in Tadcaster on the site of Tadcaster Magnets. Our Client (Tadcaster Community Sports Trust). Our work involved assessing the aspirations of the Trust and local community against local and national policies and reviewing those with Sport England and individual sports’ NGBs.

As part of our work we completed a briefing document and site strategy along with an illustrative masterplan. The purpose of this work was to lay the foundations for the Trust to acquire funding and local authority support as well as enhancing the support of both local and surrounding communities.

The masterplan was designed to provide a new central focus to the site with a new community hub building accommodating change, social and fitness spaces. The hub building provided a link between the existing facilities (cricket, football and social club) and the proposed facilities(football, hockey, tennis, netball, trim trail, training and cycling areas). A wildlife and nature area was incorporated.